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The I Still Do Project

The I Still Do Project is a celebration of marriage and the genuine beauty that exists within a sacred vow. Through this project, complimentary wallet-sized "I Still Do" cards are distributed nationwide to husbands and wives, encouraging spouses to place a card for their significant other as a simple declaration that they are still committed to love and to cherish.

In support of this project, ink artisans from around the globe have joined us in a collaborative effort to uplift marriage by lovingly contributing hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces reflecting their artistic interpretation of those three words, "I Still Do."

All of the proceeds from the sales of the I Still Do Project donations will be directly applied towards funding the wallet-sized cards that are distributed to husbands and wives at no cost during the I Still Do Project (beginning February 15 while supplies last, annually).

These finely crafted cards and wall art are available for sale in our shop.
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To participate in future editions of the I Still Do Project Collaboration, sign up here.